Somewhere Between at the Nuart in LAtugg.com

We are very excited to announce that we have joined in partnership with tugg.com to allow us (and you) to get Somewhere Between into any neighborhood theater. It works by empowering grassroots people like you who sponsor a screening at a theater near you.  

If you would like to get Somewhere Between into a local theater, sign up with Tugg.com and request a time and place.  They work out the details with the theater and if we all, through Facebook and old-fashioned email meet the Required RSVPs by the deadline, the event will happen.

What is Tugg.com?

Tugg is an online platform that gives individuals and organizations a cost-free way to host movie screenings in their local theater. Tugg crowdsources theatrical screenings, which means that if enough people in your community want to see SOMEWHERE BETWEEN, Tugg can make it happen!

How can I use Tugg to host a screening of SOMEWHERE BETWEEN to my local theater?

With Tugg, you can easily bring SOMEWHERE BETWEEN to your town as a one-night event, without having to pay a licensing fee! Here is how it works:

    • Sign up to host a screening and become the event’s "promoter."
    • Provide your preferred event details – time, date, and even theater of your choice (including all the major chains)
    • A Tugg representative will then contact you to help set up the event details.
    • Spread the word, and invite your friends and community to purchase advance tickets from the event page.
    • Once enough tickets are pre-sold (usually around 65 tickets) by a designated date (usually five business days before the event) the screening is confirmed. (If not enough tickets are pre-sold, no one is charged and the event is canceled.)
    • As an added bonus, as the event promoter you or your organization will receive 5% of the ticket revenue.
    • Then just sit back and enjoy the show!

Read more about Tugg and how it works here.

Click here to visit our Tugg page and join in the fun and get Somewhere Between in your town!