After showing in more than 80 cities across the USA, we currently have no more cities scheduled for screening.

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Previous Screenings and Festivals

Somewhere Between won the Jury Prize for Best Doumentary at the Milwaukee Film Festival and at Hot Docs it won the Sundance Channel Audience Award.

Hot Docs - Toronto
Winner - Sundance Channel People's Choice Award
  May 2011
Los Angeles International Film Festival   June 2011
Twin Cities Film Festival   August 2011
Citizen Jane Film Festival   August 2011
Milwaukee Film Festival
Winner - Jury Prize for Best Doumentary
  September 2011
Vancouver International Film Festival   September 2011
Aspen FilmFest   September 2011
Hawaii International Film Festival   October 2011
Napa Valley Film Festival   November 2011
Portland International Film Festival   January 2012
Boulder International Film Festival   February 2012
Sundance Film Forward - India   March 2012
Sundance Film Forward - Morocco   May 2012
Lincoln Center, New York City
  August 2012
Sidewalk Film Festival, Birmingham AL   August 2012
IFC Center, New York City   September 2012
Landmark Nuart, Los Angeles   September 2012
Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival   September 2012
Buffalo Film Festival   September 2012
San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose   September 2012
October Fest at the Gateway Film Center   October 2012
Houston, TX   October 2012
Rosendale, NY   October 2012
Nashville, TN   October 2012
Damariscotta, ME   October 2012
Pasadena, CA   October 2012
Indianapolis, IN   October 2012
Washington, DC   October 2012
Sioux Falls, SD   October 2012
Amherst, NY   October 2012
Sarasota, FL   November 2012
West Newton, MA   November 2012
Philadelphia, PA   November 2012
Atlanta, GA   November 2012
Boston, MA   November 2012
Providence, RI   November 2012
Lake Park, FL   November 2012
Columbus, OH   November 2012
Seattle, WA   November 2012
Vestavia Hills, AL   November 2012
St. George, UT   November 2012
Martha's Vineyard, MA   November 2012
Charlotte, NC   November 2012
Miami, FL   November 2012
Coral Gables, FL   November 2012
Kansas City, MO   November 2012
Tacoma, WA   November 2012
San Diego, CA   November 2012
Freehold, NJ   November 2012
Colorado Springs, CO   November 2012
Evanston, IL   November 2012
St. Louis, MO   November 2012
Williamstown, MA   November 2012
Gloucester, MA   November 2012
Dallas, TX   November 2012
Portland, ME   November 2012
Wilmington, DE   November 2012
Des Moines, IA   November 2012
Springfield, OR   November 2012
Minneapolis, MN   November 2012
Bridgeport, CT   November 2012
Springfield, MO   November 2012
North Wales, PA   November 2012
Denver, CO   November 2012
Oldsmar, FL   November 2012
Stony Brook, NY   November 2012
Tampa, FL   November 2012
Toledo, OH   November 2012
Vernon Hills, IL   November 2012
Salt Lake City, UT   November 2012
Chico, CA   November 2012
Key West, FL   November 2012
Hurst, TX   December 2012
Taos, NM   December 2012
Austin, TX   December 2012
Naperville, IL   December 2012
Nevada City, CA   December 2012
Pekin, IL   December 2012
Ashburn, VA   December 2012
Burlington, VT   December 2012
Newburyport, MA   December 2012
Sacramento, CA   December 2012
Daytona Beach, FL   December 2012
Creve Coeur, MO   January 2013
Knoxville, TN   January 2013
West Homestead, PA   January 2013
Richmond, VA   January 2013
Evansville, IN   January 2013
Bloomfield Hills, MI   January 2013
Portland, OR   January 2013
San Antonio, TX   January 2013
Cary, NC   January 2013
Holland, MI   January 2013
Lake Buena Vista, FL   January 2013
Boise, ID   January 2013
Phoenix, AZ   January 2013
Albuquerque, NM   January 2013
Chicago, IL   January 2013
Gloucester, MA   January 2013
Cleveland, OH   January 2013
Harrisburg, PA   January 2013
Everette, WA   February 2013
Bozeman, MT   February 2013
Memphis, TN   February 2013
Tustin, CA   February 2013
Boulder, CO   February 2013
Lexington, KY   February 2013
Green Bay, WI   March 2013
South Hadley, MA   March 2013
Oklahoma City, OK   April 2013
Rochester, NY   April 2013
Louisville, KY   April 2013
Burlington, VT   April 2013
Amherst, MA   May 2013
Palo Alto, CA   May 2013